About Us

Fast forward to the story you tell everyone of perhaps the most memorable moment in your life-- your engagement.   

You bought THE ring-- the most precious item that she will wear every day for the rest of her life-- on the Internet?  Wow, you really put yourself out! Didn't move off the couch. And you're quite trusting of the very long delivery chain of a faceless corporation.

You got it at a big box store?  Along with the corn flakes?  How romantic!

You got it in the NY jewelry district hoping you weren't being ripped off?  Very confident.  Hope you REALLY did your research and have keen eyes!

You asked around. Did some research online. And shopped local at a long-standing family business in the community known for their integrity, design and workmanship. 

They taught you how to look at a diamond through a jeweler's loupe, as well as how to recognize the specific characteristics of the diamond you chose so you could probably tell if it ever got switched.  (And now you understand more than just the 4 C's and appreciate the value & artistry of what you're getting in a genuine diamond.)

Then, they helped you figure out exactly what you wanted for the ring design too, customizing it to your specifications-- just for her.

And they'll be just as helpful with getting you the perfect wedding bands and bridal party gifts.  Maybe you've found a personal jeweler, a family jeweler, that will be there for all the milestones coming your way in your new life as a couple!  That means more time to enjoy each big event in your life, less work and stress.

This is what you will experience at Craig Brady Fine Jeweler.  We have enjoyed the trust of thousands of local residents for over 20 years.  And our small staff of five has over 115 years of experience in the jewelry industry.  Here are a few more details--

Do you know most jewelry stores don't employ a jeweler? Owner/Goldsmith Craig Brady has been designing jewelry for over 30 years.  From simple to stunning, we specialize in one-of-a-kind custom design, diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, repairs, appraisals and emerging designer fine jewelry.  In addition to a relaxed showroom full of gorgeous heirlooms, we perform jewelry repairs, jewelry appraisals, insurance replacements and we buy gold, platinum & diamonds. We're here to help & educate not pressure.